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Product Line

Control Pro Product Line

Analyzers: liquid Aqua Metrix, Hach
Analyzers: pH Aqua Metrix, Hach
Analyzers: residual chlorine Hach

Calibrators: electrical Martel
Calibrators: pressure Martel
Calibrators: temperature Martel

Chart Paper Graphic Controls
Conductivity Aqua Metrix
Control Systems Aqua Metrix
Controllers: microprocessor Powers Process
Controllers: pneumatic Powers Process
Fittings: diaphragm seals PI Components
Fittings: in line isolators Red Valve
Fittings: manifolds
Flow Indicators Dwyer, Kessler-Ellis Products(KEP)
Flow Regulators Control Air, Dwyer
Flow Switches: thermal Fox Thermal Instruments
Flow Switches: vane Dwyer, Potter
Flow Totalizers Kessler-Ellis Products(KEP)
Flow Transmitters: differential Rosemount, Siemens
Flowmeters: doppler Greyline
Flowmeters: impeller Aqua Metrix
Flowmeters: magnetic Siemens
Flowmeters: mass Fox Thermal Instruments
Flowmeters: open channel Greyline, Siemens
Flowmeters: orifice Flowell
Flowmeters: pitot tube Dwyer, CPI
Flowmeters: variable area Dwyer, King Instruments
Gas Detection International Sensor Technology(IST)
Humidity Instrumentation: barometers Vaisala
Humidity Instrumentation: dewpoint Vaisala
Humidity Instrumentation: meteorology Vaisala
Indicators: electronic VALVE PRO, Powers Process, KEP, PR Electronics
Level / Continuous: differential  CPI, Rosemount, Siemens
Level / Continuous: capacitance & RF Cosense, Warrick
Level / Continuous: magnetically coupled
Level / Continuous: ultrasonic Greyline
Level Switches: capacitance Warrick
Level Switches: float-operated Conery, Warrick
Level Switches: ultrasonic Cosense
Panel Meters: digital Powers Process, PR Electronics
pH Instrumentation: controllers Aqua Metrix, Hach
pH Instrumentation: electrodes Aqua Metrix, Hach
pH Instrumentation: indicators Aqua Metrix, Hach
Power: loggers Ametek/Rochester
Power: transducers Ametek/Rochester
Power Supplies IDEC
Pressure Gauges CPI, Ashcroft, PIC, Wika
Pressure Snubbers Chem-Quip
Pressure Switches Ashcroft, Potter
Pressure Transducers: electronic CPI, Dwyer, WIKA
Pressure Transmitters: electronic CPI, Rosemount, Siemens
Recorder: circular Chessel, FUJI, Partlow
Recorder: multipoint Chessel, FUJI, Partlow
Recorder: strip chart Chessel, FUJI, Partlow
Regulators: air Control Air
Software: control
Tachometers Kessler-Ellis Products(KEP)
Temperature Controllers: electronic VALVE PRO, Powers Process
Temperature Controllers: pneumatic Powers Process / WATTS
Temperature Indicators: electronic  VALVE PRO, Powers Process
TemperatureIndicators:thermometers Ashcroft,PIC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Temperature Regulators Powers Process / WATTS
Temperature Sensors: resistance
Temperature Sensors: thermocouple
Temperature Switches Ashcroft, Potter, United Electric
Temperature Transmitters: electronic PR Electronics, Rosemount
Timers Kessler-Ellis Products(KEP)
Transducers: I/P Control Air
Transducers: P/I Control Air
Vacuum Instrumentation Rosemount, Siemens
Valve Actuators: electric VALVE PRO, Belimo
Valve Actuators: pneumatic VALVE PRO, Powers
Valve Positioners Siemens,VALVE PRO

Valve:ball VALVE PRO, Flo-tite

Valve: butterfly VALVE PRO, Flo-tite

Valves: globe VALVE PRO, Cla-Val